Round (part of) the World in 182.5 Days

Next stop: Manila.

This would be the second time for me to Manila, third time to the Philippines. The last time I was there I had a job. Now, I am going there footloose and fancy free, tethered to my hubby going there for work. Ho HO Ho! It would be wrong for me to gloat, but I am happy. As a lark.

This is the first leg of my 6-month long sabbatical. Though I am delirious just thinking about ALL the possibilities the newfound freedom would accord, the smarty-pants voice of reason is being a wet blanket about freedom being a sudden void. What?! I have so much to do to fill all that time.

Discovery, learning and change will be my goals.

So Manila. I am going to be having a meal in the crater of a volcano. Yes. I am looking forward to that, and I hope it is dormant. I am going to be roaming around alone while SJ is at work. Scary but exciting. I am also eager to check on the feasibility of the ideas swimming around in my head for a bit now.

What void?


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