Following your Heart

I’ve done the deed and am three weeks away from throwing my career away for travel. Or it seems.

While I am over the moon about this newfound freedom to roam, I am also cognisant of the potential backlash and litany of behind-my-back tsk-ing regarding such a decision. Was I rash? Was it too reckless? Shortsighted? Am I going to regret it? IDK.

I never dreamt that such an opportunity would ever fall into my lap, but it did. The proverbial door unlocked, I turned the knob to open it and crossed the threshold. My heart has taken over and my head is nowhere to be found. But I have never been more excited, and I don’t want to look back.

I have been sleuthing during lunch hours, and reading about why others take breaks in their careers. The stories were amazing, most of them went on to become successful CEOs or entrepreneurs who earned millions, found new meaning in life and did wonders for society. Inspiring but darn, I don’t think I belong to that specimen of human beings. I got a wee bit frantic, but I saw something else.

The article started with the writer telling the family about the news which was met by a stunned silence, followed by the acute expression of disapproval and disappointment. His cooking skills must be terrible because he said that was the same reaction he got when he offered to cook dinner.

“What are you going to do after?” “Have you thought through this clearly?” ” Why so irresponsible?” Questions like these came hard and fast. But they didn’t bother him at the least. Because he knew what he was doing, why he was doing it, and he didn’t expect others to understand.




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