Year of Travel, 2014

2014 is turning out to be the year of wanderlust being fulfilled beyond my wildest imagination. The whirlwind of which will begin in September 2014. Together with the upcoming ones, we’d have done 6 trips by the end of this year! That works out to one every other month. Not a whole lot for travel aficionados, but travelling at this frequency is a first for us.

I have thought about a round the world trip. Take a year off whatever we are doing and throw ourselves into walking the globe. That is a pipedream at the moment. We’ll get there….country by country.

The fun part about travelling on our own is that we get to call the shots on planning and deciding how to fill a day in X. It always helps if your companion likes the same thing you do. Whenever not, we duke it out like gladiators in a stadium calling on Spartacus for strength.

As for how, I borrow a massive number of travel guides from the local library for this, and trawl the web obsessively for more details. More often than not, the research stays in my head for the length of the trip and then it dutifully (I wish it didn’t) fades away with time. But I’ve got this blog now and time. *tee hee*


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