Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Good art is a good artist’s masterpiece, typically recognized in a big way after death. Value usually escalates with age and also the degree of complexity of the art form. But I think how much the works are appreciated is purely attributed the living’s ability to unravel the mystery behind art and weave a plausible tale to coax the audience into the artist’s world and see from his/her perspective. Curation skills of a very high order to successfully accomplish this I’d bet. In Myers-Briggs terminology, one needs to be high FP for tasks like these. I am, unfortunately, quite the opposite preferring analysis and logic – TJ. (Then again, I like to think that I have some ability to recognize and appreciate art when I see it.)

That is why the Sagrada Familia speaks to me. It is an engineering feat; also architectural and chronological feats. I am bewildered that there is no deadline for this project since 1882. I would die over and over again from the stress of not meeting deadlines, which works just as well since you literally do need a few lifetimes to make it from then till now, and it seems 14 more years before completion. And we just accept that cos it is a masterpiece in the making, and making, and making.

Seriously though, it is awe-inspiring. Standing under its dome, I felt my heart’s window open wide, and the angels sang out those windows. Antonio Gaudi was a misfit of his time even his dreams were revolutionary. Some of his designs resemble radiolarians – single cell, oceanic organisms that are spectacularly symmetrical, seen only under a powerful microscope. Oy. Impossible curves and symmetry everywhere I looked, designs of which were inspired by trees, branches, corn and berries. Extraordinary!

What I found to be peculiar too was that this catholic church will show you different sides to it, depending on the direction from where you approached. The facades were constructed separately, each in time periods roughly 30/40 years apart and by various artists so each retained a character that is unique to its side of the church. Though logically speaking, all three sides I saw were physically different, so of course they had different characters. Heh.

Get entrance tickets online in advance so you don’t have to spend hours in the queue that snakes around the UNESCO World Heritage site. From here:



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