Wishlist 2012

Eeeeks…I almost forgot to do this again.

I’ve been meaning to list down the places I want to go to for the year, no matter how far or how much money and time it takes, no matter whether it’s safe or if I have enough money or vacation days to make it there.

Forgot to last year….till about June, which was kinda late. Heh.

In no particular order:

– Machu Picchu, Peru

– Buenos Aires, Argentina

– Petra, Jordan

– Fez/Casablanca, Morocco

– Jerusalem/Masada, Israel

– Chiang Mai/Hua Hin, Thailand

– Dallas, Texas

– Boracay, Philippines

– Cape Town, South Africa

– Kyoto, Japan

– Prague, Czech Republic

– St. Petersburg, Russia

– Copenhagen, Denmark

Seems ridiculous, this list. I need to be sponsored to go to this many places in a year!

Well, I can dream, can’t I.


[First published: 13 Feb 2012]


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