The pleasurabl​e experience of macerating Kobe Beef between my jaws

The melting point of the fat in Kobe beef is lower than that of regular beef. I think this is why they crust better, and (OMG!) tastes excellent with the marbling across the cut of meat we got.

Kobe vs. Regular Beef

We had ours medium rare, so the searing was quick with the meat tender on the inside and nicely crusty on the outside. It really does melt in your mouth and is sort of creamy – I guess with the fats it ought to be creamy. We ordered the regular beef as well to enable a comparison. Frankly, I wouldn’t be able to them apart. Both were so tender and tasty! Not sure if I imagined it but i thought the Kobe is quite distinctly creamier. It came as a teppanyaki styled set-lunch, with soup, salad, mains (130g beef), dessert and coffee at about S$90 per person in a very nice restaurant. The chef also fed us fried up fat from the beef which we happily chomped down with gusto!

Chef in action

Fun fact:

Kobe Beef is from Wagyu Cattle that is well-known for their quality and characteristic marbling – the breed that gives us this slice of heaven is the Tajima-ushi that lives in Japan.

In other words, only meat from the Tajima herds that are born, bred and slaughtered in the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan can you have genuine Kobe Beef.


[First published: 21 Dec 2012]


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