The Green Witch vs. The Phantom

Gershwin Theatre, Broadway, New York

This is one musical that should not be missed. Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth played witches, Elphaba and Glinda, and belted out Defying Gravity that instantly became my new favourite song. Hummed it the whole trip and in the hotel shower, much to the chagrin of my hubby. Incidentally, Chris Colfer’s character in Glee did  a rendition of it not long after I discovered the song. I quite liked his version too.

Adelphi Theatre, West End, London

This one, erm, didn’t think it was so good. I think it PaLeD in comparison to its prequel, and for some reason, I cannot remember what happened to Raoul, Christine, and their son Gustave at the end. There were no music pieces that I remember either. But the set was nice, though not impressive. Plus, the theatre was really musty. From the reviews I read after, it seemed that the general response to this Andrew Lloyd Webber production was lukewarm. He is brilliant, but somehow this one didn’t quite cut it.



[First published: 26 Mar 2011]


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