Sojourn: Hong Kong I

Let’s see. The last time I was in Hong Kong was in 1998 for the celebratory graduation trip with my university classmates. So it’s been some 13 years, same time needed for a child to turn into a teenager. Heh. It’s been much longer for SJ, but he can’t actually claim that he’s going on a second trip because he never actually stepped out of the hotel room to see HKG the first time round.

We’ll be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in HKG this trip. I’m thinking maybe we could mark the occasion at Disneyland with the Space Mountain ride, but SJ (for his own good) may have other non nausea-inducing ideas. We’re also intending to stuff ourselves with what the gourmet city has to offer since we are going armed with a long checklist of food places.

*checks both our tummies* Hmmm, may not be a good idea either.

Pffft!! How could we go to HKG and go on diet!?! Moderation is key I say.

I haven’t felt this excited to go on a trip in awhile…, correction… since our last trip 3.5 months ago. *LOL* Go ahead, hate me.


[First published: 21 Oct 2011]


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