Last of Autumn Foliage in Kyoto

There was still the kaleidoscopic blast of autumn colours when we arrived in Kyoto – quite spectacular, particularly the view at the Kiyomizu Temple that I find is representative of Kyoto.

It’s located in the Otowa Mountains and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A quick Google search told me there are 17 such sites in Kyoto! We went to four and missed one because we didn’t manage to get there before closing time. A little sore about that but we walked as fast and as far as our weary legs could carry us in the cold, rain and the lack of a suitably priced public transport system.


I find we needed to dig a lot in our pockets to travel around Kyoto. It’s not for the lack of options, but more so too many options and there was no one card to rule them all. Being the thrift (or cheapskate, depending on generosity) that I am, we did a lot of walking. Easily 8-10km a day – I’m not kidding. But it was only fun when we were not tired and hungry!! On hindsight, we probably could have done better on that.

We had breakfast at the Hotel we put up at – it was typical Japanese and a very decent spread. The cafe was small and turnover high and so guests had to help out by cleaning up after yourselves, and also wipe the table after J. Such a practical idea – I liked it lots.!

Kyoto is the heart of Japanese history and culture – its temples and shrines are wonderfully peaceful and serene, and I felt very (for the lack of a better word) good when I stepped into them.

Guess that is what inner peace feels like.

The Zen state.


[First published: 21 Dec 2012]


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