KL over Easter

We were off over the Easter weekend trip to spa, devour and catch up with a dear Aunt in Kuala Lumpur. I was a bit hyped-up about this trip because it was my first time on a (overnight) train ride on the KTMB, and was looking forward to seeing the masseuse at Angsana.

So after frantically trying to clear out work in the office and saying our prayers that we don’t get hit with more over the weekend, we got into a cab to take us to Woodlands Train Station to take the 11.30pm sleeper train to KL. As usual, we got there with plenty of time to twiddle thumbs and wait for boarding.

11.30pm came and we hopped onto a feeder train to bring us into Kulai to board the actual sleeper train.  *Ding Ding* Warning sign number 1 that flew right past my head. I didn’t know better and thought this was the normal route, and was all excited and into my plans for checking out the cabin and looking forward to having a nice, long sleep till we arrive at KL the next morning.

45mins later, we stopped at a sleepy town in Kulai, and we boarded buses instead. *??!?!!*  The bells should go off in my head, but in my sleepy stupor,  I was more bewildered than aggravated. We humpty-dumpty-ed our way over approximately 1.5hrs to Kluang – it was only at 2.30am in the morning that we arrived at our beloved sleeper.

Then I couldn’t quite get to sleep because the old train rocked all over. I bounced over and over whilst laying prone on the top bunk and tried my darnest not to roll off. Quite a ride 🙂

That said, we were pleasantly surprised at how efficiently all the transfers were handled, and how the shepherding was amusing rather than annoying. In retrospect, I think I saw a notice at the Woodlands Train Station that alluded to this situation – something about maintenance or construction that needed these transfers. But I wasn’t really paying attention.

KL looks much different from the last time we visited a few years back – but we’d have to admit that the greatest and best change to the experience was the recently opened, air-conditioned, elevated, 1.2km linkway that connected areas around KLCC to Bukit Bintang to Pavilion that made it soooo easy to get around. The construction cost of RM100 million was paid by Malaysia’s Petronas as part of its social initiative. Nice.

The walk from Mutiara Crown Plaza (where we stayed, highly recommended) to KLCC was about 15-20mins and to Pavilion was about 10mins. Angsana Spa is located in Mutiara and has a kick-ass spa menu that it’s a crime to not try.


[First published: 17 Apr 2012]


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