Going home, bleh

10.50am: Waiting room@Bandung International Airport
We are seated In a small area with freezing cold air rushing out of a standalone aircon unit at least 10 meters away. People seating nearer have jackets on !?!
There is really nothing to do except sit and fiddle with whatever electronic gadgets we have with us. A bad habit of city slickers. So I decided to do something productive – like write down all the addresses of the factory outlets we visited the past two days for future reference before I cleanly forget.  SJ gave me 5 mins on his 4s to get it all in, cos if he didn’t have it back by then he’d self-destruct with unspeakable force of vile boredom. I say, #%^*”. So I dug out my iPad. He says, #%^*”. Lol!

11am: Still waiting…
There are only two waiting lounges at this airport – the one on the left and the other on the right. We are in the right one. Heh, pun intended. Passengers of AirAsia dwell in the other, and they just got paged to board. Then there are always strange people who, despite the tiny area serving just two flights, they forget which one they are on. So the two or three funnies got paged by their names to hurry up and get the crap on their plane. Why on earth they are siting with us – I do not know.

11.25am: Yay!!! We now go wait in the plane!


[First published: 22 Sep 2013]


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