Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Whenever we visit North Carolina, I think I’ve never once missed eating at the Cracker Barrel @ Smithfield (1109 Industrial Park Drive, Smithfield, NC 27577-6028). There are two reasons for this – first, I’m irrevocably in love the food served there and two, the North Carolina Premium Outlets are just a 100m away.

The biscuits are particularly good served with whipped butter, and so are the corn muffins.  I’m not terribly familiar with local cuisines, but I was informed that this is good old southern fare with nice gravy over tender meats, with beans, corn, okra, mash and very sweet tea. We are always there in winter, and so the Cracker Barrel that we see always has logs burning in their fireplace, and their merchandise store out front  is always swathed in X’mas ornaments and lights, accompanied by jolly music. Very festive. I walk out of that warm and cosy place filled and happy every time.

What’s distinctive about dining at Cracker Barrel is that you get to play their signature game. I still don’t know what it’s called but there’s a wooden triangle with holes, and golf tees are placed in these holes except for one. The objective of the game is to remove the golf tees save for one. You do this by jumping one tee over another, taking away the tee that got ‘jumped’. I’ve only ever managed to leave two once, but mostly three tees. There are solutions available online so you can cheat :). I prefer to give it a go or two when I’m there. It’s no fun otherwise!

[First published: 25 Mar 2011]


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