Batam Seafood with Fireworks

I had a blast last week with money – lots of it and none belongs to me! Heh. That was when we got back from our weekend jaunt to Batam with the usual suspects over the Hari Raya weekend, and I waltz into like two presentations and a week’s worth of seeing figures fly past my face. The week felt like an eternity! Saturated is the word.

That aside, that weekend past was fabulous. There was a whole new side to the Batam I’ve seen so many times over – we discovered Wey Wey Seafood at Harbour Bay and Spa Secret near Nagoya. For some reason, the cab drivers in Batam call it the secret spa in hushed tones *wiggle eyebrows* – and, no, no, it’s clean.

There were 4 of us at Wey Wey by the sea and we ordered some really yummy cereal prawns, assam fish head, fried sambal squid, their special, delish fried garlic chicken and the obligatory vegetables to make-up for all the guilt and cholestrol, all for the royal price of S$42. With drinks of course. Good eh?

And because it was the eve of Hari Raya, we were treated to a two-hour long fireworks display – from the residents over the river yonder. I didn’t know where to place my eyeballs – on the seafood or the pretty sparkles above me, but I managed to enjoy both. *grin*

To top it all off, we went there on a deal from groupon – $49 per head with everything in, and even if you throw in the taxes and weekend surcharges, it’s a deal.

What’s really not to like about living in Singapore?


[First published: 29 Aug 2012]


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