Bandung Shop Fest instead

Our annual US shop fest was not to be this year cos we are opting for the tropics. Wildlife, tea plantations, and the beaches will take precedence at year end.

Not that we make appointments to shop in the US – that sounds kinda pompous. But we visit family, and hang around the outlets in a scheduled manner. The discounts are just mind boggling and too good to pass up. And the visit always comes complete with a meal at Cracker Barrel. *drool*

Anywho, in the absence of that, Bandung is actually a pretty decent option. Satisfies my 3 golden rules of a getaway ; fast, cheap and good. It’s a 1.5hr flight away from SG, prices of goods and services are typically two-thirds less and the quality doesn’t differ from expectations*. 
I’m a happy consumer!

(*A caveat: it is not The US of A, so moderate accordingly)

More on Bandung coming up…

[First published: 22 Sep 2013]



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