Agrophobia Activated

Langkawi is the last place that I would expect my fear of heights to be triggered since it’s a travel destination that always boasts of nature, sun, sand and sea. But it did. At Gunung Machinchang 700m above sea level.

We took a 15-min ride on the Austrian- built Langkawi Cable Car up this mountain – the last minute or so could well be one of the longest of my life. The incline was extremely steep from the middle to the top station, it was almost as if we were riding a lift vertically up the mountain nearer the end.  Stepping off the cable car was easy enough. But I was totally horrified when I realized I had to walk up stairs with 360-degree panoramic exposure to reach the viewing platforms two levels up with my jellified legs. Also, I couldn’t stand near the edge of the platforms in plain view of the vertical drops, and so every picture of me at this platform has me comically positioned nearer the middle of the platform, obviously tense and uncomfortable.

Then there was the Langkawi Skybridge – one that is suspended in the air 700m above sea level with a skinny walkway, 125m long. No, I didn’t walk on that. No way! The sight of it is enough to give me agrophobia-induced nightmares. That said, the view from up there was truly beautiful.

Cost to get there from Kuah Town is RM40 one-way by taxi.

Entrance Fee is RM30 per adult.

Expect long queues if visiting over weekends.


[First published: 7 May 2011]


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